Research studies

The Yorkshire Health Study has approved and facilitated the following list of research studies. This list is being added to over time. The results of these research studies when completed will be published on our Publications page


Completed studies

Vascular services preference

Researchers invited YHS participants to a telephone interview on their experiences of vascular disease and preference for treatment services

Randomised Control Trial - OTIS

Researchers at the University of York used the YHS to recruit to a RCT testing whether a visit by an occupational therapist improved fall rates in the elderly

Use of herbal medicine in Sheffield

This study looked at the types of people using herbal medicine in Sheffield through analysis of the YHS dataset

Physical activity in Sheffield

Researchers interviewed people in Sheffield about their experiences of physical activity. This information will be used to help people meet the challenge of weight gain in older age.


Colorectal cancer screening

This study explored the impact of a range of factors (including morbidity) on the uptake of colorectal cancer screening.


Intervention study

An economic evaluation of the Advancing Quality pay-for-perfomance programme

Experience of taking part in an 'cohort multiple randomised controlled trial' 

The University of Sheffield is interviewing YHS participants to investigate the experiences of people taking part in a cohort multiple RCT intervention trial


Validity of the EQ-5D-5L

This study investigated the validity of the EQ-5D-5L in the elderly who have long term conditions


Views on breastfeeding scheme

Women aged 16 – 45 were asked for their preferences and views on a possible scheme to increase breastfeeding in areas with low breastfeeding rates. For more information contact



Some people filled in in detailed questionnaires about their mood (anxiety and depression). For more information contact


Depression and homeopathy

Some people were randomly selected to be offered a course of treatment by a homeopath to help their depression as part of a practical randomised controlled trial embedded within the Yokrshire Health Study.


DaWM (Decisions about Weight Management)

The study aimed to investigate the perspectives and beliefs of overweight (and obese) people who have experience of making decisions about weight management. This will help tailor weight management programmes to improve their effectiveness.


TaBS (Thoughts about Body Size)

Everyone thinks about their weight and body size. These thoughts can affect an individual’s confidence in controlling their weight. The TaBS Study aimed to develop a short questionnaire to help in the assessment of thoughts about body size for use in the health service.


Self-management of longer-term depression (IQuEST)

This study conducted interviews with patients who report long term depression as part of a larger study looking at the experiences of people who have the condition and how they manage it.


Putting Life in Years (PLINY)

Loneliness and a lack of social contact can be important issues with the elderly. The study assessed whether telephone friendship groups could improve the well-being of people aged 75 years and over.


Families, health and well-being

The study examined the health and well-being of families with children aged between 6-18 years. This information will be compared with information given to us by families where children have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to explore the differences in experiences.


Type II Diabetes

This study tested an app to help people with diabetes loseweight.