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Conference presentations and posters
Hobbs M, Griffiths C, Green M, Jordan H, McKenna J. Associations between the physical activity and food environment and obesity: a cross sectional study of UK adults - Poster
Ben Kearns poster presentation on the The association between having a long-term condition and uptake of population-based screening for colorectal cancer, for the 16th Biennial European Conference, June 12 - 14, 2016
Clare Relton presented at the 2015 3rd International Clinical Trials Methdology Conference held in Glasgow on the Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs): review of an innovative approach to practical trials: the 'cohort multiple RCT' design. Poster attached here.
Ellie Holding presented at the 2015 Health Services Research Network (HRSN) Symposium held in Nottingham on the Yorkshire Health Study as a recruitment and research facility. 
Clare Relton presented at the 2014 Dementia conference held in Copenhagen on the Yorkshire Health Study as a research platform for facilitating Dementia RCT's. Title of talk: Facilitating dementia trials: Innovative trial design  +  UK research platform



Clare Relton was invited Key Note Speaker at the Population Studies Research Network workshop in Toronto, Canada (Funded by Cancer Care Ontario).Title of talk: ‘Design options for intervention studies in cohorts’. (The South Yorkshire Cohort)



Clare Relton talk Title 'Cohort multiple RCT design: a review of practice’.

‘RCTS in the Social Sciences conference’, University of York. September 2012.


Clare Relton presented at the TWiC's Symposium held in November 2014 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on the Cm RCT approach to trial design and the Yorkshire Health Study. Title of talk: What are TwiCs?


Clare Relton with Professor Jon Nicholl from the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield led a national workshop on the cmRCT design (using the South Yorkshire Cohort as an examplar).