The Yorkshire Health Study is a long term health research project which started in 2010. So far more than 73,000 adults in Yorkshire have filled in our Health Questionnaires.  These Health Questionnaires are helping provide up to date information about the health of people in Yorkshire, and how people use NHS services and other healthcare resources. 


In addition over 7,000 have helped health researchers. Some people have been interviewed or filled in additional questionnaires or tried out new health treatments or health services. View our website here.


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Research Projects


Some of you have helped researchers. Here are some of our research projects that participants have helped with:


DaWM (Decisions about Weight Management)

The DaWM Qualitative Study aims to investigate the perspectives and beliefs of overweight (or obese) people who have experience of making decisions about weight management.For more information contact Dr Ian Brown

TaBS and Thoughts about Body Size

Everyone thinks about their weight and body size from time to time.  Some people find thoughts about their body size troublesome.  These thoughts about body size can affect confidence for controlling weight and for taking up options for weight management.  The TaBS Study aims to develop a short questionnaire to help in the assessment of thoughts about body size for use in the health service.  For more information contact Dr Ian Brown

Self-management of longer-term depression (IQuEST)

This study is conducting interviews with patients who report long term depression as part of a larger study which is looking at the experiences of people who have longer term depression. For more information contact Anna Thake

Putting Life in Years (PLINY): Telephone friendship groups research study

This study is assessing whether telephone friendship groups can improve the wellbeing of people aged 75 years and over. For more information contact Rebecca Gossage-Worrall, Trial Co-ordinator, Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit.Telephone: 0114 222 5206 Email: You can also visit the PLINY website here

Families, health and well-being

This study is looking at the health and well-being of families with children aged between 6-18 years.  This information will be compared with information given to us by families where children have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to see if there are any differences.For more information contact Jack Cotter or telephone: 0114 222 6121

Depression in South Yorkshire (DEPSY)

This project aims to collect information on the mood of people in South Yorkshire. Some people who feel depressed contact alternative practitioners such as homeopaths. A selection of participants will be offered treatment by a homeopath in order to learn more about people's experiences with such treatment.For more information contact Petter Viksveen