The Yorkshire Health Study aims to help improve the health of the people of Yorkshire.  



Welcome to the Yorkshire Health Study, Yorkshire's largest health study following the lives of thousands of people in Yorkshire.


Since 2010 over 73,000 people have filled in our Health Questionnaire to help research in the region. These questionnaires have provided valuable insight into the health of the people in Yorkshire, in order to improve services for the people who need them most.


In addition over 7,000 people have helped researchers by taking part in research studies in the region. Some people have been interviewed or filled in special questionnaires, while others have tested new health treatments or services.

For more information see our article in the Sheffield Telegraph or watch our video on  Sheffield Live TV

Who can take part


Anyone aged 16 or over living in the Yorkshire and Humber region can take part in the Yorkshire Health Study and it takes only 10 minutes. 

This is your health, and your research. And you can be involved as little or as much as you like.



Why do you want to know about my health?

By looking at the health of thousands of people living

in Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Health Study has the

potential to make important health discoveries. The

information you provide us with will benefit the lives

of people across Yorkshire so that Yorkshire is a

healthier, happier place to live.




How do I sign up and what am I signing up to?

You can sign up to the Yorkshire Health Study by filling

in our short health questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire this

information can then be used in future research. If you

provide contact details and agree to be contacted again,

we will send you a questionnaire every 3-5 years. You

may also have the opportunity to take part in research

studies in the region, however this is completely up to




What will you do with my records?

With your permission the Yorkshire Health Study

would  like to follow your health by linking with your

health records. At the end of the health questionnaire

we ask whether you allow us to link the information

you have provided to the information that the NHS

holds on any visits you may have made to NHS


We call this way of collecting data 'data linkage'. Again 

this completely up to you. For information about how

weuse your health records, please click here.




What will you do with my information?

All your answers will be made anonymous and

only used for research purposes. These will be

stored safely on our study database. Your contact

details will also be stored here if you agree to be

contacted again. Your contact details will never

be shared with any companies or organisations.

it is our commitment to you to keep all of your details

strictly confidential. For more information on this,

please click here.



We would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone

who has filled in our questionnaires. Let's work

together for a fit and healthy Yorkshire. If you have

any questions,

please do not hesitate to get in touch

by email (

or phone (0114 2220896).


See us on the university website, and download our

press release


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):


According to data protection legislation, we are required to inform you that the legal basis we are applying in order to process your personal data is that ‘processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest’ (Article 6(1)(e)). Further information can be found in the University’s Privacy Notice’ 


As we will be collecting some data that is defined in the legislation as more sensitive (information about your health), we also need to let you know that we are applying the following condition in law: that the use of your data is ‘necessary for scientific or historical research purposes’.


Data Controller: The University of Sheffield is responsible for the secure management of data.


Data storage and processing: data will be stored in password protected computers on the secure university network. Only members of the study research team will have access to it; work package leads will act as custodians of the data. All University of Sheffield researchers have undergone information security training and follow University of Sheffield Information Security and Data Protection policies.


Data retention: identifiable data will be kept for the duration of the project. After this, all identifiable data in computer files or on paper will be destroyed. Only anonymised data will be kept for future use in research and publications.


If you have a complaint about the management of data contact:

Anne Cutler

Data Protection Officer

University of Sheffield


Tel. 0114 222 1117





“I have got two grandchildren...when I die

they might discover something that

helps our family along the way and

obviously others as well"

(Mary, aged 61)

"Services will not improve if we do

not get feedback about whether what

we are doing is useful or not”

(Jamie, aged 26)

"I filled it in because I thought it is

a questionnaire about making things

better, and at the end of it all, it was

all about research,"

(Neil, aged 45)

"I've joined because my husband has

health problems and his GP doesn't know what to do.

I want to help improve healthcare for him and my family in the future,"

(Jayne, aged 30)

Yorkshire Resident

“I would like to know that my son is being looked after by good health and there is a good health care system set up for him”

Yorkshire Resident

“It’s much easier to build a service around people’s needs rather than making assumptions”

Yorkshire Resident

“I think young people should take part in these kinds of surveys so their needs are met”