The Yorkshire Health Study welcomes new partners


We are very excited to be working with Barnsley Hospital, Leeds City Council, Barnsley Council, Sheffield Children's Hospital, Barnsley Health Trainers and Sheffield Health Trainers, helping to build a fit and healthy Yorkshire.


Thank-you for your support and to the 700+ new participants who have filled in our online questionnaire.


HRSN Symposium


Ellie Holding (Research Associate) from the YHS team will be presenting about the Yorkshire Health Study as a economical and rapid research platform at the next HRSN Symposium taking place on the 1st and 2nd of July 2015.


The 'Yorkshire Health Calculator' is now live!


Click on our Yorkshire Health Calculator button at the top of the homepage and find out how your health compares to someone of the same gender and age in Yorkshire.


Trials within Cohorts Symposium 


Since the publication in 2010 of the innovative ‘cohort multiple randomised controlled trial’ design, there has been growing interest in trials within cohorts. However, as no one could remember the name of the design, in early 2014 it was renamed ‘Trials within Cohorts’ or ‘TwiCs’ for short. A 'TwICs' Symposium was held on the 19th and 11th of November 2014, with the aim of advancing the development and application of this design by bringing together triallists with practical experience of the ‘TwiCs’ design to share what they have learnt and discuss the challenges of the design. For more information and to see presentations here.




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